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During the lockdown of 2020, the SmodeTech team decided to take advantage of this special time to offer free live tutorials every week. These live tutorials have been recorded and are now available on the official Youtube channel.

Discover now the integrality of these online tutorials sorted by topics below:

Smode Academy – Fundamentals

We will welcome you at the Smode Academy and make some major announcements!

Francis MAES, Erwan TEHEL, Basile ROUAULT, Laurent MEYER & Alexandre BUGE.

23/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


Discover who uses Smode, why and how.

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

24/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


A gentle introduction to 2D compos in Smode.

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

24/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)

Create your first PROJECT

Start a new project, understand how to organize it, how the stage and the element of the pipeline works.

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

26/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)


How to properly import 3D models into Smode and have a beautiful 3D render.

Erwan TEHEL & Basile ROUAULT.

28/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)

Animations, Parameters & Links
Everything you need to know for making animation and control your visuals in Real-time

Erwan TEHEL & Basile ROUAULT .

01/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Become a Timeline master
Timeline, MainTimeline, Curves, etc...

Erwan TEHEL & Basile ROUAULT

06/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Modifier & Mask Stacks
Common things between Texture, Geometry and Shape layers

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL

07/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode Academy – XR

Setup an XR project in Smode 9.1
How to make an XR project inside Smode


Use AnyShape FBX for XR
how to clean and import your FBX file as a FreeShape Led Screen


Geometry Calibration, Prime Lens
Learn how to make a Geometry Calibration for a Prime Lens


Geometry Calibration FreeD with Zoom
Learn how to make a Geometry Calibration for a FreeD tracking device with Zoom


Setup Unreal for XR ( MultiGpu )
Make XR with Unreal content inside Smode with a MultiGpu setup


Setup Notch for XR in Smode
Make XR with Notch content inside Smode


OverSize, Radial Distortion And Frustum Feather
OverSize to enable the Radial Distortion and Camera movement


Smode Academy – Pro Designers

Zoom on Shapes layers Generator and Modifier

Erwan Tehel & Basile ROUAULT.

14/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Advanced Particles
Fields, Rules, Actions, Collisions, other renderers

Erwan TEHEL & Francis MAES.

28/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode Academy – Pro Encoders

Video Mapping Project

Introduction for starting a video mapping project

Francis MAES & Erwan TEHEL.

31/03 - 10:30 AM (cet)

Led fixtures & Volume Layers
How to manage Leds fixtures and use the Volume layer in Smode

Basile ROUAULT & Francis MAES

09/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Processors inside Video Projector, Processor for 2D mapping and Previsualisation 2D & 3D

Basile ROUAULT & Francis MAES

15/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

CAD To Project, Episode 1
Take some CAD file and convert it for using inside Smode

Basile Rouault & Francis Maes

13/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

CAD To Project, Episode 2
Finishing the pipeline with the CAD file. Creating the Led output processor and a Simulation Preview

Basile Rouault & Erwan Tehel

18/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode Academy – GUEST

Albin Rosa - HDR Workflows
Professional testimony and HDR Workflows in Smode

Albin ROSA & Francis MAES

02/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Loic Choquer - GrandMA & Smode
GrandMA light console and Smode

Loic CHOQUER & Francis MAES

03/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Jordi MASSO - Domes with Smode 1/2
Become a Dome master with Jordi MASSO

Francis MAES & Jordi MASSO

08/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Anthony Toraldo - Stadium workflow
Meet one of the best Smode operator who will explain the massive setup of the "Paris La Défense Arena" Stadium.

Anthony Toraldo & Francis MAES.

10/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Julien Deloor - Shaders Coding
Shaders in Smode with Julien De Loor aka Dr Shader

Julien De Loor & Francis MAES

15/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Chris Marques
Smode from an artistic director perspective Chris Marques

Chris MARQUES & Francis MAES.

17/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Martin HANCE - Audio-visual performances workflow
Approaches to live audio-visual performances

Martin HANCE & Francis MAES.

20/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Romain Labat - Concerts workflow
CueList, 2D Mapping, Live Input (Concert Setup)

Romain Labat & Francis MAES.

22/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Domes with Smode 2/2
Setup of a Dome mapping in Smode
Smode Challenge - Dome Content creation

Jordi MASSO & José VAANILLA & Francis MAES.

24/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Lightbulbs Show
Audio visual performances approaches

Erwan TEHEL & Quentin BRARD

29/04 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Smode welcomes Notch
Announcement of Notch x Smode

Matt Swoboda & Francis Maes

04/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Lê Thanh Tùng - Covid Art
Lê Thanh Tùng from The Box Collective present is work on Smode

Lê Thanh Tùng & Francis Maes

06/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

Jesse James - Visuals experiments
Interacting with visuals experiments in Smode

Jesse James & Francis Maes

11/05 - 05:00 Pm (cet)

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