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Smode 9.2 is out!

NotchLC playback

You can now import NotchLC video in Smode just like any other media.

People Masks

The People Mask Clip a person in frame Read More Clip a person in frame.


The Denoise Remove the noise on an image Read More Remove the noise in frames.


The Upscale Upscale the current image Read More Increase the scale of any type of media without loosing details in frames.

Matte Modifier

Introduce the Matte Remove the green and blue screen Read More for Screen Keying and virtual production.

Update NDI from v4.5 to v5.0

Take benefits of every features allowed by NDI 5 with Smode.

Major Timeline optimization loading Speed

Huge timelines take leess time to load.

Video Signal Scope

Video Scope Analyse and displays the colours of your image Read More is a dedicated shader for color analysis.

TechnoCrane and MoSys

Support of TechnoCrane and MoSys Tracking Data
Many other changes and improvement are waiting for you.
Read the full changelog of Smode 9.2 What's new in 9.2 ? (4/11/2021) Read More


User Interface - Documentation on Smode's User Interface

Compo - Content Creation and Compositing in Smode

Project - Define a full project with content, 3D stage and video mapping pipeline

Animation - Linear and non-linear animation

Other topics - Other topics: quick start, change log, licensing, launcher, ...

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