Transcode image in DDS

Convert a list of Image in DDS images for faster loading times

Quickly introduced in Smode 9.2 What's new in 9.2 ? (4/11/2021) Read More but better integrated since Smode 9.3 What's new in 9.3 ? Read More , the DDS transcoding for images is a features of Smode that can help you to optimize the loading speed and video Ram of your show.
the supported format are BMP, HDR, JPG, PNG, PSD, TGA
Right click on a image file in the Media Directories Where all of your content medias are Read More and choose transcode to convert it into DDS
  • The Format setting allow you to have different level of alpha.
  • The compression quality allow you to balance between better quality or faster transcoding speed.
  • Generating the Mipmaps when transcoding allow to have even faster loading time.

Another way to convert image in DDS is to use: nvidia-texture-tools-exporter.

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