Notch Block .dfxdll file

Notch Block File ".dfxdll"


Notch is a generative content creation software with a node-based interface that enables to create cutting edge 3D real-time visuals (

A piece of content exported from Notch is called a Notch Block and is stored with a ".dfxdll" file. Such files can then be imported into Smode in order to form a 2D Layer A single 2D Layer Read More , 2D Modifier Modify a 2D image Read More or 3D Layer A single 3D Layer (3D object, particle system, ect) Read More .
This topic describes the workflow to use Notch content inside Smode.

Export from Notch

1. Make sure you use Exposed Properties How to Expose Properties Read More for every Notch parameter that needs to be animated in Smode.
2. In the Notch editor, click on Prokect > Compile Block for Media Server and then chose the location of your Smode's media directory:

Import in Smode

Notch Block can be imported in three different ways inside Smode:
Depending on which properties have been exposed in Notch, Smode will only propose the relevant options.
In the example below, Smode detected automatically that this Block is a Notch 2D Generator Notch 2D Generator Read More


Notch Generator:

Notch 3D Layer - Notch 3D Layer

Notch 2D Generator - Notch 2D Generator

Notch 2D Modifier - Notch Modifier


Exposable Camera - How to use an Exposable Camera

Exposed Properties - How to Expose Properties

How-To-Notch-XR - Using Notch Content for a XR setup

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