Start Smode Designer on multiple machines

Start all your Smode Designer on all your machine

Once you have installed a versino of Smode Designer on all your machines you can start all your Smode Designer in a single click with the garantee of launching the same version on all your servers. Just press Ctrl+A to select all your machines. Then right click on one of the machine and select "Start Application". A popup window will appear to select the version of Smode you want to use, if no version is proposed this means that there is no common version installed between all your servers (see: Install a new version of Smode Designer on multiple machines How to update your Smode Designer on multiple machine at the same time Read More ). Once all Smode Designer are started, the background color of the label of the machine switch from red to orange, and when the Smode Designer Server is ready the color switch from orange to green.

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