Camera Tracking Data Latency

Sync the Camera Video Input with the Tracking Data

camera tracking data latency needs a specific XR/AR licence. Please contact us for trying thanks our #XRForm
Here we are looking at the VFX output of Smode with On Air enabled

If when the camera rotates the extension mask detach from the camera video input
In the first case the tracking data are faster like this:
You need to add delay to the Link To Tracker Placement relative to tracker Read More of the camera to re-sync the video with the Tracking Data
In the second case the tracking data are slower like this:
Here you first need to check with the people who set up the tracking system, if they do not have added any delay ( if yes they need to remove it )
if you can not find any way to make the tracking data faster you will need to add delay to your Video input
but be careful with this because the delay you added to your video input will need to be added to the delay of the back and front in the VFX processor
After adjusting the delay and latency you will have this result

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