Enable/Disable ON-AIR mode

The ON-AIR mode enables all performance of the machine to be focused on the actual Video Output Device Video Output Device are device allowing to send video stream out of Smode Read More rather than on comfort features such as interactive preview or automatic updates of file previews.
The ON-AIR mode can be toggled with the [F9] keyboard shortcut.
Here are the main things than happen when going ON-AIR:
  • The Viewport Where you see what is happening in Smode. You can do without it but what would be the point? Read More is disabled
  • Critical commands such as closing the current document or closing the application are disabled
  • Tool tips are disabled
  • Automatic computation of file previews is disabled
  • Unused GPU objects get released
  • GPU Memory description is not longer updated
  • The mouse cross is disabled on Video Projector Virtual video projectors of Smode stage, used for real life mapping, usually directly connected to the Outputs Read More
  • The VRam allocated to Notch blocks is purged

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